What is professional?

Disclaimer: I am 1000% grateful to live in a tech-world full of sharing, online capabilities, and instant information. With that however, comes the balance. Personal life online and running a business online. When I first started my photography career years ago at the ripe age of 19, I believed in only being professional. Professional posts, … Continue reading What is professional?

my 23rd year

Life is beautiful, isn’t it? Each year of my life is a milestone, a reminder of how much I’ve grown as an individual and moments I look forward to experiencing in the upcoming years. To wrap my mind around the idea I’m twenty-three today is beautiful, crazy, and hard to believe. Where does this time … Continue reading my 23rd year

no longer a teenager – happy birthday luc

Today you turn twenty, and you have made me the biggest proud sister alive. Your morals, respect, and work ethic are unlike any other. You are my go-to friend, confidant, and supporter. Watching you grow into an amazing young man has been so fun and I wanted to publicly wish you the happiest of birthdays. Another trip around the sun, I hope it’s the best yet. Continue reading no longer a teenager – happy birthday luc